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A Bit About Me

I am passionate about the outdoors, thrills and everything related to the arts! I know how to balance these two sides which are an integral part of my personality. This is one of the reasons why I moved from Québec to BC. I wanted to live in nature’s immensity and draw my inspiration from it.

Since i graduated from college, I have had the chance to work for agencies and great companies where I have acquired a lot of experience and confidence. I gained experience in terms of communication, specialized programs and effective working methods. After a few years, I wanted to diversify my experience and moved into adventure tourism. It was a job that appealing to me a lot because I wanted to combine the outdoors with my creative side. I spent 7 years in the outdoor environment as a guide and then most of the companies I worked for offered me contracts to renew their brand image as a graphic designer.

Work Experience




Marketing director and Graphic designer

I started working at Blaxton Pub&Grill restaurant franchise as a graphic designer but quickly got promoted to marketing director. I have been occupying this role for the last four years. I was mainly responsible for creating and maintaining uniformity on the different platforms, coordinating contacts and ensuring that the franchise maximizes its visibility on print and digital media.


I wanted to leave my computer and go to fulfill myself in the outdoors. I guided in several areas in Québec. During winters I was mainly a dog sledding guide, where resourcefulness was necessary! It was the most demanding job in terms of management, but also the most wonderful with the complicity of the dogs and the field we crossed. In the summer, I went from being a sea kayaking guide, coordinator for a hebertism park, to a river canoeing teacher.  I loved working with all types of clientele and bringing them to surpass themselves or to realize their dream!

Artistic director

The Festiblues is a festival in Montreal that receives international artists. I was the artistic director for the best part of three years. I took care of all the visuals: admission tickets, t-shirts for employees and sales, posters, flyers, newspaper pages, website, backstage visuals, street banners,etc... I was also the liaison between the artists managers, printers, and collaborators so that everything respects delays.

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